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Dr. Sara Campolonghi

Tezted's Business Intelligence Director, Social Sciences Researcher

& Social Media Manager

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Hi! I am Dr Sara Campolonghi, Business Intelligence Director, Social Sciences Researcher, and Social Media Manager at Te?ted Oy (Tezted).


I obtained a master’s degree in clinical and community psychology from the University of Padova, Italy in 2007, and a PhD in Health as a full scholarship recipient from Deakin University, Australia in 2022.

Before undertaking my PhD, I worked as a psychologist, eating and weight management psychologist, food coach, and emotional health coach, and for the promotion of health, healthy eating, and healthy lifestyles for more than a decade.


Over the years, I have collaborated with doctors, non-for-profit associations and organizations, patients, the community, and other stakeholders; I have planned, delivered, and presented at courses, programs, conferences, and other events directed both to health professionals and the community, aiming to promote health, healthy eating, and healthy lifestyles; and took part in various research projects with strong environmental and community components.


I strongly believe that multidisciplinary collaborations, high-quality research, and communication are keys to scientific innovation, global health and wellbeing, equity, and positive change.

I have a passion for the philosophy of science and medicine and like to do research in these fields. I also collaborate with Lyme disease associations and support Lyme patients.


In my free time, I enjoy anything artsy and cultural activities. I paint, sing, read good books, listen to music and podcasts, and relax by walking, cycling, and watching a good movie.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities for collaborations, synergy, and good science. Let's connect.

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